The best thing about Sunkissed hair is that it is timeless. Trends come and go, but beautiful hair never goes out of style! And that means you can completely change a client’s hair color, but still create it in a way that looks like she was “born with it”!


There are so many ways to use Balayage & Hair Painting to achieve a certain look. My focus is The Art of Sunkissed Hair. Spending the last decade in Santa Barbara, CA, I have spent many days on the beach studying (ok and obsessing!) over naturally sun bleached hair. I took this love of sunkissed locks and created my signature technique, Santa Barbara Balayage. Using the laws of natural hair color, and lots of creativity, I create customized looks that are alive with movement and dimension. I believe that once you truly develop your craft for painting, you can create the most natural looks. Trends come and go, but natural, beautiful hair color is forever relevant! And that means you can completely change a client’s hair color, but still create it in a way that looks like she was “born with it”!

Taking all my years of education in art, and design, I've created a unique approach to the way we learn Balayage. I truly love sharing my techniques and vision with other colorists, and I try to make each class as intimate as possible. If you feel that you understand the technical side of balayage, but feel like you are lacking the artistic eye, and delicate hand, this is the perfect class for you. My focus is strictly on the creative side, and helping you use your own judgement, or what I like to call your *Artistic Intuition, as to where to place your highlights, and not memorizing a head sheet that can not be customized from client to client.

Experience Level:

This is a very hands-on, creative class, so really any skill level can learn this technique, but the more experience, the better! If you do not feel confident enough to work on a live model, you may bring a dollhead, or a friend/little sister ;) that you can practice on. The great thing about this technique is that its very forgiving, and I will be right there with you! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Supplies Needed:

  • Tools: brushes, combs, clips, blow dryer, styling irons of your choice…pretty much everything you would need to color and style your model. You may also bring your favorite color/balayage brushes, and I will provide SWAG bags including my favorite natural bristle brushes!

  • Your favorite glosses or toners that you may want to use on your model

  • This is your time to experiment, so feel free to bring any other tools/color/products you’ve been dying to play with! Have fun and get creative!

  • Apron, gloves, & a cape for your model

  • I will include the lightener and developer, but feel free to use your favorite!


*Full Day classes available to licensed professionals only, please. Cosmetology students and apprentices are welcome to the Theory & Demo Portion.

*All ticket purchases are final, and non-transferable. No refunds. Any classes cancelled by Kara will be refunded.


$300 Full Day Workshop (Model Not Included)

$400 Full Day Workshop (Model Included)

$150 Half Day Theory & Demo only (Cosmetology students welcome!)


Price depends on location. Click the REGISTER HERE button below to view pricing for your desired class.


Six hour course, includes Sunkissed Theory, Look & Learn Demo, Hands-on with live model (extra charge model is needed), Before & After photos, Social Media and Photo Tips, & Lunch.

Investment: $900

*Inquiries to travel for in-salon or private classes email

**No refunds. Tickets may be transferred to a different class date.

Workshop Breakdown:

  • 10AM INTRO TO THE ART OF SUNKISSED HAIR & BALAYAGE: First things first, I will be explaining my favorite Balayage lighteners, why I use them, and when. My favorite mixing consistency, and why I believe its the best to create seamless looks in the most natural way. I will also bring out different brushes (including my BALAYPRO line!) and show you the different strokes and textures you can create by simply changing your brush.

  • 11AM LOOK & LEARN: I will bring in a real live model (no doll heads here!) and show you my technique and placement of balayage. I truly believe there is no head sheet or chart that can give you the perfect image of what natural balayage should look like. Each woman has her own natural highlights and points of reflection in the hair, so its very important to understand that and know where to place a light and color, and where to leave shadow according to the laws of Mother Nature. I will help you development your own judgement and see hair in a beautiful new way. No more racking your brain wondering where you place your highlights!

  • Tips, Formula's, Q&A time: Like I said before, this is more of a hands-on creative learning environment, but I also want to add more to your color arsenal with some of my favorite gloss and toning formulations. I will also share my low lighting, root shadowing, and base shifting techniques that work amazing on color corrections!

  • 12PM LUNCH BREAK! Lunch will be provided by one of our yummy local restaurants. Relax & enjoy the ocean view. (*Note: Classes outside my Summerland salon are not catered, but there will be an hour break for plenty of time to eat.)

  • 12:30PM HANDS-ON: Ever since beauty school I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with doll heads! Yes, I know they are needed sometimes, but I believe with balayage you really need a live model to understand this very natural technique, because everyone is unique. If you are unable to provide your own live model, I will be able to provide one for you for an extra charge (Summerland classes only). Please make sure your model arrives at 12:30pm. You may bring a dollhead, but I really suggest you work on a live model. Trust me, you will be much happier, and gain so much more with an actual person! Plus you will leave with some pretty awesome after photos for your insta! ;)

  • INSTAGRAM & PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: I will share tips that have helped me build an Instagram account that has allowed me to attract the clients I want, and grow my business as an independent educator. I will also have tips and tricks to get those awesome After photo's!

  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! The best part, the afters! I will show you my favorite styling techniques to create my signature Santa Barbara beach look.