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Creating Sunkissed hair is my way of honoring every woman’s natural beauty. Through Balayage, I am free to paint my interpretation of Mother Nature’s colorful effect on hair.

Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches, and constant sunshine. With sunshine, comes bright sunkissed hair...a signature look for any California girl.  Kara Richard brings beach beauty to life with her signature Santa Barbara Balayage technique. 

Balayage has been at the forefront of hair color fashion for the last decade, but it has been a sought-after technique since in 1970's in Paris, France. Styles come and go, but natural beauty is forever. Kara believes that her purpose as a hair colorist is to honor that natural beauty by creating her interpretation of Mother Nature's effect on hair.

Kara's passion in hair coloring is designing a natural look that does not seem like it came out of the salon. Her attention to detail, and consistent desire to improve her craft has women traveling from across the country to get her signature Santa Barbara look.

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Education & Collaboration

The purpose of the Santa Barbara Balayage technique is to create a color that is not only low maintenance, but also respects the integrity of the hair.  Since 2015, Kara has taken her signature technique on the road, sharing her craft with other inspired hair colorists. She teaches intimate, hands-on workshops at her Summerland location, and has traveled as far as Chicago and Washington, D.C., to bring her knowledge of "The Art of Sunkissed Hair". 

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